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- French Heritage Breed -

Canadian Bresse a.k.a Canadian Gauloise

This 500 year old dual purpose heritage breed originated in France. They are great layers, but are most famous for their meat quality which is known to have a marbling effect similar to beef. Genetically they are the same as poulet de Bresse, however are called Canadian Bresse in Canada due to import restrictions. In France, poulet de Bresse have a reputation for being the best quality table chicken in the world. They are "the queen of poultry, the poultry of kings". We have white, blue, black and splash. Like all our chickens, these are free ranged and fed organic grain and produce. No antibiotics or hormones.

  • Hens begin laying large cream coloured eggs at 5 months of age

  • Hens lay upwards of 250 eggs per year

  • Slow growth rate at 16+ weeks to processing

  • Roosters weigh 7 lbs, Hens weigh 5 lbs

Bresse Rooster enhanced.jpg
IMG_8819 enhanced.jpg

Day Old Chicks

We have straight-run chicks available year round:

qty 1-9: $17.50ea

qty 10-24: $14.50ea

qty 25+: $12.50ea


Pick-up only

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Hatching Eggs

We offer hatching eggs all year:

$95 per dozen plus shipping

Shipping available to anywhere in Canada (March to November, while temperatures allow it).

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