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- Canadian Heritage Breed -

Partridge Chantecler

This dual purpose heritage breed was developed in Alberta, Canada during the early 1900's by Dr. John E Wilkinson. They are very cold hardy with their small combs and wattles, abundant feathering and heavier build. Partridge Chanteclers are also well camouflaged, alert and active foragers making them well suited for free ranging. They are a fantastic breed for the homestead or backyard. This flock has been selectively bred for utility, hardiness and temperament. Like all our chickens, these are free ranged and fed organic grain and produce. No antibiotics or hormones.

  • Hens begin laying light brown medium size eggs at 6-7 months of age

  • Good winter layer, hens averaging 3-4 eggs per week year round

  • Broody hens are devoted sitters and mothers

  • Slow growth rate at 16+ weeks to processing

  • Roosters weigh 8 ½+ lbs, Hens weigh 6 ½+ lbs

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Day Old Chicks


IMG_1012 enhanced.jpg

Hatching Eggs


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